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Support and counseling municipal companies to optimize the public service nature
technical in the sector:

  1. Waste management
  2. Communication
  3. Housing
  4. District Heating
  5. Water Supply and Sewerage

Calculation of compensation for services of general economic interest

Perform analyzes of the Test Private Investor and Private Creditor

Calculating the equivalent of public assistance

Advising on compliance with competition rules

Preparing plans and concepts of public service organizations in the Municipality


Support in obtaining grants under the EU financial perspective 2014-2020 ( Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, Regional Operational Programmes , Rural Development Programme )

Support in obtaining grants from national funds for the development of environmental investments , among other things : the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management , the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

Conducting due dilligance and audits

Environmental Consulting – related to the Environmental Protection Law

Valuation of companies

Calculation of transfer prices

Valuation of company assets

Development of business development strategies .

Developing marketing strategies and marketing plans


Preparing for bankruptcy with the possibility of an arrangement with creditors,

prepare proposals arrangement with justification ,

preparing restructuring programs and remedial along with financial forecasts for the duration of bankruptcy .

support for communication with the parties composition,